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Wide and light spaces distributed in fluent way, and conceived to live unique gourmet, body and mind experiences…

accommoddation-asturias-yoga Hatha Yoga for groups from 4 people (75min): initial relaxtion, pranayamas, asanas, ad final relaxation. Adults, families, kids.
accommodation-asturias-workshop-detox-ayurveda Ayurveda Orientation program for groups of 4-12 people; improving digestión, reducing and expelling toxins for the organism through diet and daily routines, yoga exercises, meditation and mantras (4hours).
accommodation-asturias-personal-ayurveda-consult Private consult with our therapist who will help customers evaluate their own diet and daily routines, suggesting simple measures to improve digestion as well as personal energy and immunity.
accommodation-asturias-ayurveda-massage Massage and treatments have a key role in the delay of the ageing process and the strengthening of the organism as a whole. They work deeply on the nervous system, improving the metabolism and sleep, they help eliminate toxins and recover the physical aspect of the skin, and redice stress, calming down the Vata Dosha* (which unbalance means up to 70% of the development of many diseases). 
accommodation-asturias-cider-workshop Fresh cider is essential in our “Llagar”, and at harvest time, our customers can even produce their own bottle of “autor cider”, step by step: from harvest and trampling to bottling and labeling .